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Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) has undertaken a series of steps to to improve and develop the building system in the emirate, raise efficiency of buildings, and increase their quality and lifespan.

The municipality has carried out several development studies and held many engineering conferences, lectures, workshops and seminars towards this end.

Thabit Al Turaifi, Director General of Sharjah Municipality, said that the municipality is among the oldest municipalities in the country, dating back to 1927. It has a long-standing database since the first building permit was archived in 1961 that includes detailed data for each building — from the beginning of its establishment, the stages of its implementation until the stage of completion and the issuance of a certificate of completion.

The database also includes the stages of periodic maintenance for each building and the municipality procedures to ensure proper implementation. The age, condition and degree of stability of the building is verified through the information registered in the database for each building in the emirate, along with an estimate as to how long it will last.

The municipality has taken several steps to modernise and develop the engineering work system, including issuing a list of building conditions and specifications in the emirate in 2002, then updating it in 2007 and 2017. This includes the foundations and specifications of construction in the emirate according to the latest international codes.