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About Sharjah

About Sharjah

Proud of its rich heritage and ambitious for its future, Sharjah is home to a vibrant multi-cultural population

Invest in Sharjah the third largest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the only one to have land on both the Arabian Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Oman.

It is an emirate of contrasts where visitors can enjoy a holiday in the sun, discover traditional markets (souks) or visit modern shopping malls, explore the many heritage sites and museums, admire the majestic mosques, stroll around the lagoons, and experience the natural beauty of true Arabian deserts, mountains and seas.

Facts About Sharjah

Cultural Information

Sharjah awarded UNICEF Child Friendly City & UNESCO World book capital in 2019

Sharjah Al Hisn Fort Museum

Sharjah University City

Educational Information

Sharjah hosts one of the regions leading universities

Tourism Information

Sharjah Tourism sector grew 5% more than last year with around 1.8 Million tourists

Al Bait Sharjah

Sharjah Corniche Al Buhaira

Economic Information

Sharjah’s non-oil sectors account for 91.9% of the emirate’s total GDP Sharjah’s 2018 non-oil GDP hit AED89 billion ($24.2 billion), according to a report issued by Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD)

Invest in Sharjah

Sharjah real estate market has become a very popular choice for quality and affordable living in the UAE, it has emerged to be an alternative strategic investment destination with a series of large real estate investment portfolios aligned with multiple government initiatives to attract both local and foreign investors.

Investment in Sharjah depends on fostering close collaboration between the public and private sector by bringing investors and opportunities together by full-grown and prosperity.

The Emirates of Sharjah streamlines an end to end solution to investing in the emirate as it believes that his tailored services will help promote and position Sharjah in the Global marketplace.