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Emirati women have proven their creativity and excellence.

Khalifa Al Shaibani says: The UAE has turned into an Arab and international symbol for empowering women, with the support of wise leadership

His Excellency Khalifa Al Shaibani, Director General of Tilal properties Company, affirmed that the United Arab Emirates- with the support of its wise leadership- has turned into an Arab and global symbol for the empowerment of women in all fields. The majority of leadership positions in companies are occupied by Emirati women, according to a 2019 annual report issued by the Center for Studies on Arab Women’s Participation, affiliated to the Arab Women Commission.

In a press statement on the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day, which falls on the 28th of August of each year, His Excellency added that the women of the Emirates have proven their ability to innovate and excel. One such example is through the involvement of Emirati women in the design, manufacture, and launch of the Hope Probe to Mars, last July; a mission contributing to fulfilling the UAE’s vision of becoming one of several countries aspiring to explore the Red Planet.

Al Shaibani added that Emirati women have also registered a remarkable presence in the field of volunteer work, as well as on the medical frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have contributed to providing support and assistance to all affected groups and insisted that they be part of this national work.

Al Shaibani concluded by stressing that Emirati women have been able to achieve great achievements in all vital areas, as a result of the great support of the wise UAE leadership who believe women play a key role in the future of the country. The UAE will celebrate its Centennial in 2071, and the march of empowering women in the lead up to the celebration is a testament to female Emirati’s dedication and perseverance.